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The Bearded Gamers have been in existence since Feb. 2009. We are an international multi-gaming community. We were previously known as NVme Gaming. Our community comes from a history of many games such as Battlefield 3, 4 and Hardline, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Infestation Survivor Stories, ARK, Atlas, etc. We have always been a community that is looking to entertain and keep a nice environment between the members. Our main goals are to simply have fun and enjoy any game we play. With more than a decade of server hosting experience we guarantee you won’t experience any server like ours!

Main Cluster


Players Connected: 2

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Players Connected: 1

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Scorched Earth

Players Connected: 4

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Players Connected: 8

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Players Connected: 4

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Players Connected: 2

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Genesis: Part 1

Players Connected: 1

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Genesis: Part 2

Players Connected: 4

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Players Connected: 3

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Crystal Isles

Players Connected: 1

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Players Connected: 1

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Players Connected: 7

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Connected Players: 38



Our players can interact with one another on global or tribe chat, no matter which map they are playing on. You can also join the discussion via Discord!

Auto Prot & ORP

As you start your journey on our Ark Servers you will begin with 72 Hours of newbie protection. After your done building your base you can protect it using our offline protection mod.


You can buy items from our in-game shop with points that you earn through several ways:

  • Play on the servers
  • Vote daily
  • Take part in server events
  • Donate in our online store

Vote for us!

Vote twice a day and get shop points! For every vote you give to our servers you are rewarded with 1000-2000 in-game points.

Vote on TopArkServers.com


We love to entertain our players. We will be hosting scheduled events and ones that occur randomly. To keep an eye out join our Discord or View our News Page

Raid notify

Tired of losing your stuff when you are away? Set up Raid Notify with Discord and you will receive an alarm everytime you are attacked.


To help solve one of the biggest issues in Ark; All of our servers run the Anti-Meshing plugin. This prevents players from cheating to a point under your base and raiding you.

Free Shit

To show that we care about the support you have given us we will be hosting automatic giveways.

Main Cluster Powered By


AMD Ryzen 9 3900x


64-GBs 3200MHz


WD Black 1TB NVMe M.2



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