Hello Survivors,

We have wiped our ARK servers on 6/6. To come along with this wipe we have included several different balance changes. We believe the changes will bring a lot of balance in the gameplay on our server. We are always looking for feedback on how we can improve the gameplay on our servers. If you have any ideas feel free to message an admin on our discord. We hope you enjoy the changes and we look forward to seeing you in-game.

Changes 6/6:
– Server Wiped
– Adjusted Dino Multipliers (May need more tweaking)
– Adjusted Character Weight Multipliers (Updated Next Restart)
– Adjusted Turret Damage was 6x Normal with a .5 Multiplier towards Dinos Now set to 3x
– Fixed Structure Decay 4x Faster than vanilla. (Thatch 1 day, Wood 2 days, Stone 3 days and Metal is 4 Days)
– Structures will auto destroy once decay timer is met
– Set Faster Decay Rate on non core structures (Helps with Foundation Spam)
– New Player Protection is set to 24 hrs was set to 72 Previously
– New Player Protection timers were reset
– Changed Hair growth from 25x to 100x
– Reset Kits
– Lower spawn rates of some useless dinos to help with overall server performance
– Lowered overall spawns of dinos in the ark 25%
– Cave damage was Increased back to vanilla settings of 6x
– Adjusted day cycle overall the whole day is twice as long and day time is doubled and night time is half as long as it use to be.
– Increased Unicorn Spawn Rate
– Server is using Raw Sockets and Force Net Threading (Should help with timeout errors and random disconnects when steam is down)

Posted: June 8, 2019