ARK Server Wiped 6/27

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Hello Survivors,

We have wiped our ARK servers on 6/27. Since we didn’t have great server stability we have adjusted a lot of server side settings to bring a better stable gameplay experience on our servers. To come along with this wipe we have relaunched the server using the Valguero Map. We believe our first experience running this map on our servers wasn’t what we intended at all. We are always looking for feedback on how we can improve the gameplay on our servers. If you have any ideas feel free to message an admin on our discord. We hope you enjoy the changes and we look forward to seeing you in-game.

Valguero Trailer

Changes 6/27:
– Adjusted Dino Multipliers (May need more tweaking)
– Adjusted Character Weight
– Fixed Structure Decay 4x Faster than vanilla. (Thatch 1 day, Wood 2 days, Stone 3 days and Metal is 4 Days)
– Structures will auto destroy once decay timer is met
– Set Faster Decay Rate on non core structures (Adjusted to 3 hrs)
– New Player Protection is set to 48 hrs was set to 24 Previously
– New Player Protection timers were reset
– Adjusted All rates from 100x to 25x
– Lowered Player Base Weight from 15 to 10
– Added Mod: EZ MindWipes
– Removed Mindwipe from shop added Player stat potion mod
– Server launched as 100x and will be 25x after auto restart. Get an early start before its too late!
– NPP Reset
– Kits Reset

Posted: June 28, 2019