The Bearded Gamers a proud to announce the re-launch of our Ark Survival Evolved Servers. As a group of players that are fans of Ark’s PVP environment and base raiding we have noticed over the past several months there seems to be a lack of good quality servers. If it’s how the poorly the server is setup then its a server that is filled with admin abuse or admins over stepping their powers. With the experience we have gained from our PVP experience on other servers we feel as if our server will deliver you the PVP experience you are looking for. We have spent a fair bit of time planning and testing out mods to give you that experience. We hope our server will give you the enjoyment of how the Ark PVP experience should be.

Servers Connection Info:

– IP: – Connect Now
– Location: US East
– Max Players: 150
– Map: Ragnarok

Servers Rates/Settings:
– Points / Kits / Shop
– Experience: Instant Levels
– Gathering: 25x
– Taming: 25x
– Egg Hatching: 25x
– Baby Maturation: 25x
– Max Wild Dino Level: 150 Wild
– Max Dino Level: Tamed Level +100
– Max Character Level: 200
– Dinos Boosted Stats
– Player Boosted Stats
– Modded Forges and Crafting: 10x
– Turret Damage: 3x
– Custom Supply Drops!
– Player Map Location: Enabled
– Third Person: Enabled
– PVP: Enabled
– Unlimited Mind Wipes

We are using the folloing mods:
-Structures Plus (Open Source)
-Awesome Teleporters!
-Editable Server UI (WBUI)
-Classic Flyers
-Utilities Plus
-Automated Ark 2.51
-Pro Resource Stacks
-Cross Aberration
-No Replacing during Raids
-Smaller Tek Replicator
-Tranquilizer Hunting Rifle

Subscribe to all mods: Steam Mod Collection

Server Downtimes:
The server is set to automatically update. A notice will be given prior to the update so that way players will have enough time to logout in a safe location.

What separates us from the rest:
We are dedicated to your ARK experience. We would love to hear back from you on how we can improve our servers. Please let us know on our forums or discord.

Posted: April 5, 2019