Information & Rules

General Rules

Any rule violation will end with a warning, timed ban, dead dinos or possibly a structure wipe. The punishment will fit the crime via Sherrif Jay

  • Spamming, racism, sexism, homophobia, or advertising, will NOT be tolerated.
  • “Stream Sniping,” or intentionally viewing a streamer’s stream while they are on the server to either grief them in the open world, or otherwise gaining an unfair advantage over the streamer.
  • This server holds all rules according to the Ark Code of Conduct applicable. Review these rules at index.php?/code-of-conduct/ While shit-talking is allowed, a community is built on positive engagement, so please attempt to get along and understand that there are players of all skill levels, and that this is JUST A GAME!
  • There will be no alliances, teaming, or any other circumstance involving direct conflict between more than one tribe, excluding open world PVP. The only scenario where more than 2 tribes can fight against each other is when multiple tribes meet apart from any base, if all three sides are actively attacking the other groups or individuals, and not singling out a certain tribe. EX: three tribes are fighting at an OSD, boss fight, or any other point of interest.
  • If a tribe is actively raiding another tribe, the fight is between the offensive tribe and the defensive tribe ALONE! No individual that is part of a different tribe may be actively involved in any way, other than spectating or through chat.
  • Individuals involved in either side of an active raid must be a part of the tribes that are engaging in the raid MUST be a member of the tribe BEFORE a raid begins. Recruiting members while actively in a raid, will be considered teaming.
  • Teaming for PVE events ONLY is allowed, and often encouraged. EX: Boss fights, trading, etc.
  • Members within a tribe must be consistent across ALL MAPS

Raiding/Building Rules

There will be none of the following raiding/ defensive methods allowed:

  • Tunneling - Using structures to prevent damage from turrets, dinos, or other weapons.
  • Floating structures - Placing structures that do not require foundation support.
  • Mesh building - Building anywhere outside of the game borders.
  • Mesh biting - Using a dino’s hitbox, or faulty mesh within the map to cause damage to players, structures, or other dinos.
  • Blocking spawn points - Using structures, dinos, or turrets to prevent players from spawning safely or trapping them.
  • Placing excessive amounts of C4 - Placing enough C4 in a specific area causes opposing players to not place their own C4.
  • Intentionally crashing servers - Forcefully causing a server or multiple servers to close by any means.
  • Duping - Whether intentional or not, all items, dinos, and characters must be legitimately acquired through intentional game mechanics. If anything is duped unintentionally by any reason, it should not be kept, and disposed of immediately.
  • Meshing - Any form of travelling underneath or through the game’s natural mesh.
  • Any form of hacking, exploiting, or otherwise abuse of game mechanics.
  • Players must play the game as intended by the developers of the game, including mod developers. Mods are not an excuse to disregard the intentional game mechanics, unless they are specifically added to circumvent issues related to the base gameplay.

Banned Locations

All in game locations listed below are completely off limits for players to place structures. Any tribe caught with any structure in these locations will have all their structures removed from the map without warning. These locations include:

  • Portal Surface
  • Obelisks
  • City terminals
  • Wyvern trenches/ nests
  • Ragnarok mini boss caves (Lava golem and Ice Queen) - Players may place structures outside these while they are actively fighting the mini boss, however, all structures MUST be picked up after the fight is complete.
  • Hard Ice Cave (The Island) - (-155359 -180990 -648 61.19 -3.91)
  • Shadow Cave (Abberation) - (138664 43533 886 -153.25 4.70)
  • Vertical Rathole (Extinction) - (-19477 1542 -19160 93.69 -39.36)
  • Volcano (Genesis) - (295870 -263587 -13641 111.42 -6.26)
  • Pearl Cave (Center) - (-29309 -142073 -12069 154.06 -5.93)
  • North Ice Cave (Center) - (-252575 -86446 553 -105.61 -12.57)

If you see a player breaking the rules please provide some media source and post it in a support ticket in Discord.