Ahoy Pathfinders!

This season has been a great season so far. I know we have had a bit of growing pains going through this season, but the game is still in pretty early release and there has been changes to the game to making addressing issues somewhat unavoidable. Throughout this time, I have tried to do my best in providing you guys with the best experience I can. I know there has been ups and downs (just like keeping mods updated), but there is one focus that I haven’t let slip away and that is the quality of service I could bring to you guys. With the lack of tools to being able to manager the server it has made it difficult to run things how I would have liked. I have always been on the lookout towards improving the quality of gameplay and how the servers are being managed. Running a gaming server isn’t very easy. It takes a lot of work and dedication. Since running the server, I have put in as many hours that I could, probably only managing to get 2-3 hrs per day of sleep, and I don’t mind it as long as I can make someone happy. I would like to thank you all for the support you have shown. The server wouldn’t be what it is without you.

With that being said its time to look towards the future. The servers will be wiped on 3/1 in the afternoon. The reason why I have decided to wait this long is for a couple of factors. The server hosting company bills monthly on the 1st. So basically, if I were to get a new server box, I would be losing out on the initial server money and only being able to use the servers until the first. I wanted to make the gameplay experience more complete. The last time I wiped the server it was rushed, which ultimately ran into several issues that I have tried to do my best to correct, but some factors I have no control over. I’ve always ran a clone test server before making changes, but it doesn’t always transfer at 100% as we experienced with the new server managing program last night. I have been working on the new version of the Bearded Gamers server for quite sometime and I hope to have ironed out a lot of the mistakes that were made in the past. Over the course of this wipe there has been issued that I couldn’t fix such as the ability to build in others claimed area. This was a huge hit to all unofficial servers that adjusted the same no collision setting. I was aware of this issue since the devs came out with the update that screwed up this setting. It was a change that was not noted in the patch notes and was too late into the wipe when it occurred. I ultimately decided to wait it out to see if a fix was coming, but it has been over 2 weeks going on 3 since it was put in-place.

There are a lot of changes coming to the server this Friday and I will put together a list of the changes and mods the best I can. So, keep an eye out for that! This Thursday and Friday I will be adjusting some of the settings in-game towards somewhat of a battle zone server, just so you can have fun blowing stuff up before it will all be deleted. There will be some new toys that you haven’t seen before that should make the server fun for the last couple of days before the wipe.
This website has also gone through several different changes. I hope you all like the beardedgamers.com 2.0 look. After looking at the website it just really looked basic and I really felt like it needed a facelift. Last week I went through and re-coded a lot of the site and have performed several different things. The website is now responsive so no matter what device you are using to access the website the layout of the website shouldn’t suffer from it. I have also fixed parts of the back-end of the website and when donating to the server it will automatically give you the gift items such as points and player groups. I will be working more on auto assigning groups in discord, but that is something I will work on down the road.

Server wipes Friday March 1st in the afternoon.
Mods will be changed.
Server settings will be adjusted.
Layout of the server grids will all be changed.
Thursday and Friday will be a sort of demolition mode for those who just want to blow stuff up.
More will be announced when the servers are wiped.

Posted: February 27, 2019