Hey guys! Its Kimi here, just wanted to thank you all for the feedback and patience through the past few months. We take all of that feedback into consideration making changes to the server. Here’s a list of things that have occurred with the latest wipe (5/11) to better your experience!

– We removed the OCD mod. With the lack of support and updates from the creator to rectify a glitch that could lock you out of ALL of your belongings, we felt it was time to remove it. The custom sails have a weight boost that can more than make up for the loss of the ship resources box weight reduction.

– We reinstated ORP with an hour timer. This will make it so you may have a life outside of the game without worrying for your progress.

– To reinstate ORP, we did have to go back to Territories. We are increasing the build radius a bit to give you all some elbow room.

– With ORP there tends to be forgotten lands left behind players cannot demolish, to prevent this we have set decay at 3 days. This functions per grid, so visit any “non base” locations frequently.

– We have noticed a large number of players would prefer to enjoy the game as it was created, without PvP interference. We have made 2 PvE Servers (A1/D3). Anyone wishing to reside there MUST label their company with PvE to prevent your structures being cleared. (Note to PVP players, we can look up name change history, to prevent anyone trying to claim safety out of turn)

– With OP gear and level 200 ships the environment was a cake walk. We have raised the difficulty to give you something to play against! Expect to see higher level Ships of the Damned, creatures, treasure maps, and BP’s will be harder to get.

– In the spirit of giving you something to play for, we removed /buy lootbox.

– We added Fog of War back to the map for you to sail through!

– We reduced build kits, use them sparingly!

– We know everyone comes for the ships, so we will not allow devs to tell you where you can place your large cannons!

Have fun and please, keep feeding us your thoughts!

Posted: May 12, 2019