Please read carefully before donating.

For us to provide you gaming servers it requires a large amount of resources that aren’t very cheap. If you find our servers enjoyable and you like to contribute to our community then you will be required to sign into Steam to continue the purchase process. Once signed in use the form to make a one-time contribution. You may select any purchase amount below with the corresponding amount of points/status you will receive. You will then be redirected to PayPal to complete the Purchase. After the transaction is completed you will receive points and status will be updated in-game within a few minutes.

Wipes will happen as needed. There are several different factors that will ultimately lead us into a wipe such as Community Vote, Player Population, Corrupt Files, Server Adjustments and Bugs to make a few. Wipes will be announced on the site and also in Discord. When a wipe occurs, unused points will carry over.

Please keep in mind that this is a purchase of digital goods and is immediately consumed. Anything lost due to issues with the server or wipes will not be replaced. We will do our best to make sure we correct any issues that may arise in a timely matter.

By electing to purchase points I hereby acknowledge that I will not receive a refund of my purchase if in any case, 1. I quit playing on the server. 2. I am banned from the server for not following the rules. 3. The server ceases operation. I also acknowledge that any attempt to try and retrieve a refund will result in a permanent ban from the server, and loss of any status, permissions, points and access to the server.

Also, by making a purchase will not be treated different from other players and that you will be subjected to the same server rules as everyone else. This is a purchase of a digital service is sold “as-is”. All purchases are FINAL and no refunds will be granted unless refunded directly by a Bearded Gamers Staff member.

Thank you
Bearded Gamers

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