I hoped everyone had a great weekend! As the weekend is over, the server has had its offline raid protection restored. Hopefully soon we will have a better solution than what we currently have, but as of right now I can only use what is available to me. I just wanted to personally thank you for all the support that has been given in our progress towards going into one of the best Atlas servers. My goal is to provide gamers with the best possible Atlas gameplay experience. Running an Atlas server has been pretty difficult as the game is pretty new and there is very limited information on what is possible to do. I will continue to try and keep up with on going changes on the server and keep you aware of possible issues in the game. My plan in the near future is to continue to build up the website and provide you with new content to enhance your experience. I plan to create a support ticket system where you will be able to log issues that are occurring to better serve you in a timely matter, but until that day comes please feel free and sending me a message on discord @xPatcher#8525. I look forward towards our future growth and hope to become the #1 server in this game.

Posted: February 16, 2019